Schedule & Results, 2019 OCHL ANNUAL MARCH CLASSIC TOURNAMENT, 2018-2019 (Oshawa Church Hockey League)

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Friday, March 15, 2019
Midget B3:15 PMDel 3 Stirling Blues4-4Barrys Bay Bears
NoviceB3:15 PMDel 4 Shelbourne Wolves1-9Clarington Vikings
Peewee B3:30 PMDel 1 Oshawa St Pauls9-5Clarington Golden Hawks
AtomA4:00 PMDel 2 Orono Black Aces4-5Oshawa Albert St
NoviceA4:15 PMDel 4 South Muskoka Fitzmaurice Bros5-2Glanbrook Rangers
Peewee A4:30 PMDel 1 Clarington Wolfpack1-4Havelock Hawks
AtomB5:00 PMDel 2 Oshawa Simcoe St5-6Oshawa Christ Church
Midget A5:15 PMDel 3 Sturgeon Lake Red Thunder6-1Brighton Braves Blue
NoviceA5:15 PMDel 4 Kanata Thunderbolts7-0Belmont Rangers
Peewee B5:30 PMDel 1 Oshawa St Andrews5-3Storrington Stingers
AtomB6:00 PMDel 2 Oshawa St Andrews1-3Innisfil Winterhawks
Midget A6:15 PMDel 3 West End Rink Raiders1-5Kent Cobras
NoviceB6:15 PMDel 4 Oshawa Northminster2-7Nepean Cyclones
Peewee A6:30 PMDel 1 Alymer Flames Red4-5Oshawa Kingsview
AtomA7:00 PMDel 2 Oshawa Northminster2-4Renfrew Barkers
Midget B7:15 PMDel 3 Wasaga Beach 7-7Kanata 85 VP
NoviceA (XOVER)7:15 PMDel 4 Clarington Vikings10-1Oshawa St Andrews
Peewee A7:30 PMDel 1 Oshawa Northminster4-4Renfrew Pizzaria
AtomA (XOVER)8:00 PMDel 2 Tilbury Blue0-5Storrington Stingers
Midget B8:15 PMDel 3 Sturgeon Lake Black Thunder8-1Stirling Blues
Bantam A8:15 PMDel 4 Kawartha Coyotes4-4Tilbury-Kent Fushion Auto Sales
Peewee B8:30 PMDel 1 Tilbury-Kent Cobras5-2Barrys Bay Bears
Bantam A9:15 PMDel 3 Oshawa Harmony4-2Clarington Red Devils
Saturday, March 16, 2019
AtomA8:00 AMDel 4 Storrington Stingers5-0Oshawa Northminster
Midget B8:15 AMDel 2 Sturgeon Lake Black Thunder8-1Barrys Bay Bears
NoviceA8:15 AMDel 3 Glanbrook Rangers2-4Belmont Rangers
Peewee A8:30 AMDel 1 Renfrew Pizzaria3-2Oshawa Kingsview
AtomB9:00 AMDel 4 Innisfil Winterhawks2-0Oshawa Christ Church
Midget B9:15 AMDel 2 Wasaga Beach 4-4Stirling Blues
NoviceA9:15 AMDel 3 South Muskoka Fitzmaurice Bros3-2Kanata Thunderbolts
Peewee B9:30 AMDel 1 Storrington Stingers1-5Barrys Bay Bears
AtomA10:00 AMDel 4 Orono Black Aces6-6Renfrew Barkers
Bantam A10:15 AMDel 2 Tilbury-Kent Fushion Auto Sales6-4Clarington Red Devils
NoviceB10:15 AMDel 3 Oshawa Northminster3-11Shelbourne Wolves
Peewee B10:30 AMDel 1 Tilbury-Kent Cobras10-0Clarington Golden Hawks
AtomB11:00 AMDel 4 Oshawa Simcoe St12-2Tilbury Blue
Bantam A11:15 AMDel 2 Oshawa Harmony3-0Kawartha Coyotes
NoviceA (XOVER)11:15 AMDel 3 Nepean Cyclones9-1Oshawa St Andrews
Peewee B11:30 AMDel 1 Oshawa St Andrews5-0Oshawa St Pauls
AtomA (XOVER)12:00 PMDel 4 Oshawa St Andrews6-1Oshawa Albert St
Midget A12:15 PMDel 2 Kent Cobras2-0Brighton Braves Blue
Peewee A12:30 PMDel 1 Havelock Hawks3-3Oshawa Northminster
NoviceA1:00 PMDel 4 Belmont Rangers1-7South Muskoka Fitzmaurice Bros
Midget A1:15 PMDel 2 West End Rink Raiders2-1Sturgeon Lake Red Thunder
Peewee A1:30 PMDel 1 Clarington Wolfpack2-5Alymer Flames Red
NoviceB2:00 PMDel 4 Oshawa Northminster0-16Clarington Vikings
Midget B2:15 PMDel 2 Kanata 85 VP3-1Sturgeon Lake Black Thunder
AtomA3:15 PMDel 3 Storrington Stingers9-0Oshawa Albert St
AtomB3:30 PMDel 1 Tilbury Blue0-4Oshawa Christ Church
NoviceA4:15 PMDel 2 Kanata Thunderbolts7-1Glanbrook Rangers
Peewee B4:15 PMDel 3 Barrys Bay Bears5-2Oshawa St Andrews
AtomA4:30 PMDel 1 Orono Black Aces4-5Oshawa Northminster
NoviceB5:15 PMDel 2 Nepean Cyclones0-2Shelbourne Wolves
Peewee B5:15 PMDel 3 Clarington Golden Hawks5-4Storrington Stingers
Midget A5:30 PMDel 1 Brighton Braves Blue1-3West End Rink Raiders
NoviceB (XOVER)6:15 PMDel 2 Oshawa St Andrews4-7Oshawa Northminster
Peewee A6:15 PMDel 3 Renfrew Pizzaria1-3Alymer Flames Red
Midget A6:30 PMDel 1 Kent Cobras5-5Sturgeon Lake Red Thunder
AtomB7:00 PMDel 4 Oshawa Simcoe St9-1Oshawa St Andrews
Bantam A7:15 PMDel 2 Tilbury-Kent Fushion Auto Sales3-5Oshawa Harmony
Peewee A7:15 PMDel 3 Oshawa Northminster6-4Clarington Wolfpack
Midget B7:30 PMDel 1 Barrys Bay Bears2-1Wasaga Beach
AtomB (XOVER)8:00 PMDel 4 Renfrew Barkers4-2Innisfil Winterhawks
Bantam A8:15 PMDel 2 Clarington Red Devils4-3Kawartha Coyotes
Peewee B8:15 PMDel 3 Tilbury-Kent Cobras2-2Oshawa St Pauls
Midget B (XOVER)8:30 PMDel 1 Brighton Braves Blue0-6Kanata 85 VP
Peewee A9:15 PMDel 3 Havelock Hawks3-6Oshawa Kingsview
Sunday, March 17, 2019
Novice D7:00 AMDel 2 Oshawa St Andrews5-4Glanbrook Rangers
Bantam7:30 AMDel 1 Kawartha Coyotes1-3Clarington Red Devils
Novice C8:15 AMDel 2 Belmont Rangers2-9Shelbourne Wolves
PeeweeF8:30 AMDel 3 Clarington Wolfpack1-2Storrington Stingers
Bantam A8:45 AMDel 1 Tilbury-Kent Fushion Auto Sales2-6Oshawa Harmony
Novice B9:30 AMDel 2 Nepean Cyclones4-2Kanata Thunderbolts
PeeweeE9:45 AMDel 3 Clarington Golden Hawks0-9Renfrew Pizzaria
Atom E9:45 AMDel 4 Tilbury Blue2-5Oshawa Albert St
Midget D10:00 AMDel 1 Stirling Blues4-5Wasaga Beach
Novice A10:45 AMDel 2 South Muskoka Fitzmaurice Bros7-4Clarington Vikings
PeeweeD11:00 AMDel 3 Oshawa St Pauls4-2Havelock Hawks
Atom D11:00 AMDel 4 Oshawa Northminster2-3Oshawa St Andrews
Midget C11:15 AMDel 1 Barrys Bay Bears1-4Sturgeon Lake Red Thunder
PeeweeC12:15 PMDel 3 Barrys Bay Bears3-5Oshawa Northminster
Atom C12:15 PMDel 4 Orono Black Aces2-4Oshawa Christ Church
Midget B12:30 PMDel 1 West End Rink Raiders0-5Sturgeon Lake Black Thunder
PeeweeB1:30 PMDel 3 Oshawa Kingsview3-1Oshawa St Andrews
Atom B1:30 PMDel 4 Innisfil Winterhawks5-3Renfrew Barkers
Midget A1:45 PMDel 1 Kent Cobras3-1Kanata 85 VP
PeeweeA2:45 PMDel 3 Alymer Flames Red3-1Tilbury-Kent Cobras
Atom A2:45 PMDel 4 Storrington Stingers9-2Oshawa Simcoe St
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